Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Note to Self

This is your life.

30 years old and nothing is as you imagined it would be.

Hope is exquisite, and at times, exquisitely disappointing. The love you always thought was love is shadowy and elusive. Dreams you dare to dream feel like wide-open doors to giant letdowns.

Teetering between the person you were, and the person you are becoming...

And this...all this in-between...is your life. It is you.

And you know...it's pretty darn awesome to be you. Because in all of your teetering, imbalance and frailty, something Solid has found you. And He's not about to let you go.

Dare to let your hope be solid, your joy sure, and your heart complete. Trust me, it's going to take an act of defiant bravery to do so.

It's time to cut yourself loose from what you thought you wanted. It's time to celebrate what is. Birthday donut surprises at work. Days off with a roaming friend. Phone calls from little brothers halfway around the world.

Your life.