Thursday, June 07, 2007

On The Road

So, I'm munching on an organic vegan donut, floating around the internet in a wi-fi boat on a sea of fair trade coffee...which can only mean one thing. I'm in Seattle. Pal says I can publish a review of coffeeshops on Greenwood Ave. with all the experience I'm gathering. This may very well have been true a day ago, but I think it's too late now. I've found my favorite resting spot.

So, other than overcoming my fear of coffeeshops day by day, what have I been up to in the last months? Well, let's see. A whole lot of smiling, crying, and in short, just a whole lot of being alive. It feels good, you know? I've played global hopscotch: Portland-Seattle-Thailand-Seattle. (Next stops: Missoula-Russia, or Finland, to be exact.) I feel incredibly, incredibly blessed to be here. To be anywhere. To be living this story with all it's crazy and beautiful characters. To be on a lifelong road trip with God. I've taken some pictures. I've seen some faces. I've read alone and read outloud. I've sent letters and received some. I've spent money and had the humbling experience of being given it too. I've gone without music and internet, once considered vital to my existence, only to find out it's not...though I'm grateful to have it again. Pretty simple stuff, really. I don't know what I--or anyone else--was hoping for when I set out, but I don't think I'm disappointed. If there's a place on this earth with the name 'Home' written on it--a place to pitch my tent--I guess I'd still like to find it, but it doesn't seem like such a worry anymore. I guess what they say about Home and your heart is true. My heart is with God, and I can be at home with Him anywhere.