Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Opposite Day

Welcome to the view inside my stomach (minus the can, garbage, Boy, utensils, tables and dishes). Why am I showing you this? Because today is Opposite Day. Opposite Day is a tradition that Boy and I revived from grade school. You know...the one where you got to tell the boy you had a crush on that you thought he was super ugly and you hated him. Well, I have no intentions of telling anyone that today, because modern day opposizing exists only in the realm of food. This is the day where Boy and I get to pretend that candy is fruit, potato chips are vegetables and video games and or shopping sprees to Old Navy are the most strenuous forms of exercise one can perform. Even I have to admit, my performance today was a little weak sauce...but the night is young yet. There is still work to be done and cookie jars to raid.

The wonderful thing about Opposite Day is that it makes you incredibly eager for tomorrows filled with carrots and water. Unfortunately, my menus of late have consisted mostly of sugar and grease, so I am doubting the usual effects of the holiday. As a matter of fact, today's food consumption is not really in opposition to anything. It's just another ordinary day.

(Incidentally...that is Boy in the middle picture, showcasing our main course of chicken teryaki...with candyslaw. We get lots of funny looks when he wears that shirt. If you want to get funny looks too, you can buy your own here).


KrystyKay said...

This may be the most wonderful blog EVER. Shoes, Chocolate AND a shopping spree to Old Navy???? Walgreen's could learn a few things from your life and style. Keep it up sister!
Krysty Kay

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lance said...

AH! Comment Spam!

Er. I forgot what I was going to say...

Oh yeah, my diet of late has consisted of Americanos, Fish Tacos, and Pizza. Pretty regularly now. Plus a day of ice cream.

Is that Boy C's cafepress shop? Funny, Boy C sounds like Boise. Hmm... I'm just rambling now.

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ed said...

Lance, yep...that's Boise's cafepress shop, all right!

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