Friday, September 09, 2005

Blah Blah Blog

Tis true the boy cannot be blamed for my blogging absence. I don't see him much, and when I do, it looks a little something like this...

Blogging to you live from my date night with Rocket-Man


** said...

sorry to hear that you don't get rto see rocket often.

and about the tooth. hmmm, ill have to get back to you on that. haha.

much love sister, and good to see you coming by,


ed said...

It is sad indeed, but despite my whining to the contrary, he more than makes up for it in the moments I see him. Besides, doesn't my boyfriend have the best hair?

** said...

i wish, no.. pray for hair like that every night. maybe God's just showing me patience. or maybe just that i should not lust after after my neighbors hair. either way, it's a lesson that needs to be learned.