Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Au naturel

I went on a milk run this evening and decided to take the trail route. I usually like to edit my photos, but I thought God did a rather nice job on this one and didn't need my help.


Tot said...

oh my gosh..i do miss missoula in the fall!

** said...


hey! it's been a while since i've talked to you or lance(my weekly corespondence with krysty keeps me watching my inbox). but thanks for not forgetting me.

admiration..? wow, thank you so much. i covet your sistery love and prayers. one day when we all get to heaven you and your misoula co-horts are all gonna get a big massive bear hug.

but on the same not as before, may God lead you in what he has planned for you. whether in the mission field overseas, or whatever he might want for your life.

much love sister,


lance said...

That is beautiful. I noticed that today was the first day it really smelled like fall.

KrystyKay said...

Note to self (ED):
For a Christmas present for Krysty you can blow up this picture and put it in a frame.

** said...
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** said...

i think i've just decided to retire in montana and live the rest of my life in Missoula just doing nothing but taking Flickr photos, watching for ice cream trucks... oh and late night trips to denny's. can't wait.

ed, thank you so much for your sistery love. May God bless you all.


lance said...

Hey there, ed. Completely unrelated to this post, but highly relevant on your blog dedicated to knitting, here is the latest in knitting knews:

Hand knit super hero costumes sell for over $5,000.

ed said...

Okay...in a word...WOW. (In a few words)...The thing that cracks me up the most is all the write-up and interpretations of this guy's work. Seriously, do people think that much about their art? If I ever became famous for creating something, I'd just be like "I don't know...I just like to do that sort of thing and I think it's funny that you're reading that much into it". I guess that's why I'll always be in love with Bob Dylan (pre-Victoria's Secret commercial days, perhaps)...which I'm sure he would think is funny.

Whew! Nothing like ranting off a comment on your own blog.

Thanks, Lance. You always find the funniest stories.