Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Beautiful Discovery

I took this photo from the window of our truck as we were driving through the streets of Bulawayo on our way to the village. The funny thing about it is, I took it because there was a woman standing in the doorway waving to me. But I don't see her there now. Maybe she was an angel...or just camera-shy and lightning fast.

Day Three-ish: Thursday? (It's so hard to know)

I have to confess that, for a large part of this trip (thus far), I have been wrestling with this "What on earth am I doing?" feeling. (It is usually accompanied by the weight of my guitar or the forced isolation that it seems to bring--just too big to fit anywhere). Anyway, I really got to wondering why God chose to make the earth so stinking big. I mean...we have airplanes to take us all around it and it still seems like a headache to reach these areas (or they us). How on earth were the early Christians to be expected to fulfill The Great Commission without airplanes?
I'm being a little silly...but really...have you ever wondered why God made the earth so big? Well, driving into Zimbabwe on our spectacle causing giant truck, I think I discovered why. Because it was absolutely impossible for God to imagine His world without these beautiful people...without me. That's amazing. He is big. And He loves.

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lance said...

I've struggled with the "What on earth am I doing?" while living in Missoula, or anywhere for that matter.

Related to the big Earth question, I have wondered why the Universe is so big. Will we ever be able to go to the end of it? I doubt it. Is there life out there somewhere? I don't know, but it seems unlikely. It's startling either way. Maybe the early Christians were supposed to invent airplanes in the course of fulfilling the great commission.

Oh, here is some more in knitting news for your knitting blog.