Friday, April 28, 2006

To Russia With Love

#1 Sister flapped her wings and landed in Russia. I miss her already. Only 333 days or so to go. I am praying for each one. Meanwhile...

Top 10 Ways to Speed My Sister's Return

1o.Learn to drive a stick shift.
9. Knit her a sweater.
8. Read through her bookshelf top to bottom.
7. Cut Bernice's toenails.
6. Write a book, a screenplay...a letter.
5. Learn to play Anji à la Paul.
4. Get organized.
3. Cut my hair and wait for it to grow back.
2. Revive my blog.
1. Find a way to visit her.

Well, of course there's a million more, but I think the procrastination of the bottom 9 should be enough to keep me sufficiently preoccupied and therefore surprised at her speedy return. Meanwhile, I shall gratefully accompany all of the activities & non-activities of my life with this soundtrack (Warning: Audiolink for those of you in public places). Just in time to help me look up in this winter of constant good-byes.


Beth said...

Clipping Bernice's toenails should take up some time. A lot of time, actually. And you could make it even more excited and time-consuming by clipping her nails while driving a stick-shift to Russia...

ed said...

Ah...Brilliant! I'm taking you along on that adventure though. That way, you can read her books outloud while I drive, I can knit a sweater while you drive, and by the end, we should have a pretty good screenplay in the works. It's like I always say...If you're gonna kill one bird with a stone, you might as well kill six.

Beth said...

That is a most brilliant plan. And diabolical to boot!