Thursday, July 27, 2006

Getting What I Dessert

Someone once said that they liked to use various events in their life as an excuse to eat dessert. There was a time when I would agree, but I'm afraid that dessert has now evolved into such a regular part of my days, that I find myself using it as an excuse to orchestrate the various events of my life.

For instance, I'm eating some Dairy Queen with my friend (Tiger)Bee, and I think, "Here's a good excuse to blog."...

Or I find a chocolate cake with a lit Barbie on it and some friends in my apartment, and I say "Well old girl, you might as well have a birthday."...

Or I see an all night drive-thru and think, "I guess I'd better get me a car."...Then there was the time I walked into a church and found a towering white cake with a miniature me-and-some-guy on the top...No one else was around for that though, so I just ate the whole thing by myself.

P.S. Happy (late) anniversary, KrystyKay.

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lance said...

For the latest in the knitting knews: a cosy knit for a tank.