Friday, April 29, 2005

May Day

It's weird to think that as I go to work tonight, it's April, but when I get off it will be May. So, happy May Day everyone! I wish I could put flowers on all your doorsteps, ring your doorbells and run away. I guess I'll have to post this picture instead.

Tot bought me these flowers 2 weeks ago and they're still hangin' on! Crazy!


ed said...

Wait...did I totally just make that holiday up? It's not on the calendar. Hmm...neither is April Fools Day. Well, either I'm going nuts or those calendar folks are just holiday snobs.

Tot said...

I think you have some how made an association with the desperate call of "May day may day! we have a problem" with the fact that it is May today :) Boy! I can't believe those flowers have hung on so well! Got my money's worth!