Wednesday, July 13, 2005

All You Can Eat

Yesterday I met with Twin and Rocket for dinner at everyone's favorite greasy spoon. Gene wasn't there, but we think maybe Christy was. Sadly, she left before we could all decide on what to order. I think we went through quite a few waitresses that way, actually. And yes. It was all my fault.

Rocket's decision was made easy by the All-You-Can-Eat-Shrimp challenge. I believe his exact words were, "Oh yeah. I could eat like a million of these". Sorry, Rocket, but I only counted like 50 and half of those were tails. Still, it's good to know they will refill your shrimp if you need it--and apparently your Coke as well. Although they (or certain unnamed parties) may not let you write a check for $1.

Twin, you know I can't resist a challenge. Rocket, you may hate me now, but you'll change your tune when the ladies come-a-knockin'. Well, I'm out. Gonna go say hello to Rocket downtown before I enter arch nemesis territory. Then I get to eat all I can eat with Fella. Hooray!


** said...

wow. you're all up on this photo-altering business. now, if you could put that Mo-Do song in the background,as his theme music. "Ladies Man, yah!".

lafalda said...

oh!my!word! ohmyword! ohmywordwordwordwordword! i couldn't laugh hard enough because i'm in a library, but i think i may have done a little damage trying to contain the laugh. that picture is incredible. all i can think of is cody saying "sick tan," because his hair is the same color as his skin. oh wow. that was good. you've done it again.

ed said...

Hooray! I love making you laugh in inappropriate places! Too bad Rocky will never speak to me again.

So who's next in line for a makeover, hmmm??

Tot said...

ummm..i'm not a volunteer...but i'm here to say "i love you"

KrystyKay said...

This is awkward. I only visited your blog today... but I could swear three nights ago, Rocky was in a dream of mine, looking exactly this albino... somehow that's horribly terrifying and wrong in so many ways!