Friday, February 11, 2005

Look Ma, Both Hands!

At long last...

(photo courtesy of Fella--Thanks, Red!)

Well I made the belated-birthday-armwarmers delivery today. I secretly wanted to keep them for myself. I guess that will be the 1..2..3..maybe 4th project down the line. So basically, Merry Next Christmas to me.

Fella and I went to lunch today. We ate at a picnic table in the park because I don't have any kitchen chairs left! Speaking of which, I don't know where we'll sit Sunday evening when Boy makes his Sopranos dinner. I guess we'll be eating Italian Japanese style. It's a good thing I bought some socks without holes today. Now I guess I'd better vacuum!

Time to get ready for work! I'm really excited for some reason. Maybe the Squirrel Next Door will pay another visit.


Tot said...

oH MY GOSH...I can't believe you made those...they're incredible. You need to go into business, Erin....NO JOKE. Sopranos dinner sounds crazy! can I invite myself ;) just kidding. Hey, I need your help on my outfit for the Oscars party.

ed said...

Tot, you can ALWAYS consider yourself invited. It's just a given, honey. I need to get crackin' on my costume so that I can help you with yours! Sounds fun!