Monday, January 17, 2005

Laughter (at my expense) is the best medicine

Work went well, but I am happy to be off for another 5 days and back to my knitting and playing. Just yesterday I was reading about how God stretches and builds your character in order to prepare you for the assignment He has in store for you. I began to get a little nervous because I realized that one of the things I cherish most and that I am being asked to sacrifice with increasing frequency is my privacy. There were times at work this weekend when I couldn't go to the bathroom or take a bite without somebody hunting me down. I began to hate the sound of my own name and to rejoice in the temporary escape that shovelling snow provided.

At the same time, I was so discouraged about the various tragedies that presented themselves in the lives around me. I saw a man with his head in his hands cry tears that went unheard and unseen by a deaf wife with her back turned. I wanted so much to reach inside of him and pull out the sickness, pain, fear and sorrow, but I was powerless to help. I spent most of the afternoon knitting in silence with his wife. When I had come to the end of my project, a pair of fingerless gloves, I pulled it off the needles to display. "Oh no! This one's much longer"..."No, look! You knit two right hands". The laughter that followed in that moment and each time the story was repeated was like a little miracle. Yeah, so I was the butt of many a joke. The important thing is that the proverbial best medicine was on tap for a day and the other glove? Well, it's coming along.

Update: I'll be posting a picture of my new gloves...and for anyone who was concerned, I made it just fine without the army of candy hearts.

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