Thursday, May 18, 2006

White Legs and Other Horrors

Boy says his legs are so white, they make his socks look dingy.

Okay, so first of all, I'd like to apologize in advance for the "grody" content of this post. To my friend who nearly vomited in the car when finding a pizza hair (you know who you are), I suggest you turn your eyes and click your way as quickly as possible to someone else's blog. If you allow your eyes to wander beyond this point, you cannot say that you have not been warned.

So...Today Boy and I walked downtown to buy him some batteries for his camera, me some sunglasses (that tickle) and both of us a spot of lunch. I won't tell you where we went (that would be in bad taste...har har), but when I invented my own sandwich, the person at the counter said "Wow. You got yourself a sandwich there!". What he should've said was, "You got yourself a sandwich hair!". Witness the source of my dismay as we ate our lunches quietly along the river.

All right. On to the lighter side of the news...After Boy and I had finished eating (and throwing strategic pieces of food into the river, along with the forest that was drifting by on its long journey down from the snow-melting mountains), we decided to try to get some sun on our legs. The reason I initially took the photo was that boy spotted a spot on his leg and said "Oh sick! Is that au jus?" Angry gasp. "No! It's a new mole!". Here's a close-up picture. Not that you wanted one. For the record, new moles are not always a laughing matter, kids. Go see your dermatologist.

Well, after an hour and still no tan, we decided to walk back home. Boy said, "I thought I got a sunburn, but it was just my white legs blushing from being exposed to the world."

(Speaking of Other Horrors...My Elliot got voted off of American Idol. I am guilt-riddled and sad, as it is all my fault. I actually had to work and could not vote.)


lance said...

That is some hair. Invent your own? Does it start with a W? I hope you threw a good chunk of it in the river. You never can be to careful. At least it wasn't a dreadlock on your sandwich.

ed said...

Um...Yes. Yes. Yes! And ew...YESS!!!