Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hip Additions

I'm glad to see you're all as crazy for the Portrait Illustration Maker as I am. Welcome these new additions to our hip and happy family.

Reading clockwise, we have: Rocket, the new kid on the blog--well, my blog anyway, my sleepy friend Pal, who is not an official blog member (YET!), but pops in on Knit 'N Play from time to time, Japanijustin The Artist and frequent commenter and Boy, who should be making his first appearance on freelance poedry any day now. Hooray!

Incidentally, I am only responsible for the Rocket and Pal creations. Boy and Justin made their own, which I stole. Rocket, I'm just going off of your profile picture and my regrettably limited knowledge of you. Pal, we'll talk later. That's supposed to be bedhair, not windmill hair. Don't ask me why you're waking up in Holland.


** said...

i have an update! i have shaven off the geand and magnificant gotee! i might just go and redo my anime pic. if i do, ill post it. you can post if you want. i am quite honored to be part of the family.

much love ed, justin

** said...

i posted a new version of my anime pic. your welcomed to "steal" is again.


** said...

youre one step ahead of me. i just posted a new one as you wrote your message. wow, your like... superwoman or something.


** said...

thank you for the advice. i was just praying today about my inability to protect my rhiteosness(sp?). i know all the theological reasons for that. i know. but when it comes down to actually living out the Christian lifestyle, i just am not there.

the act of Jesus on the cross is there to give grace, i realize. but the act of living in that as easy as we all know. i know im not preaching to the choir. just running off at the mouth.

thank you for the prayers. much love sister, justin

El Padrino said...

You are amazing..I can't get any of my pictures to look good...keep up the good work!