Saturday, June 04, 2005

Re: Miss America Fan Mail

Justin: Imagine no longer.

Tot: Don't worry about the world catching a glimpse of these photos. Knit 'N Play's readership is as limited as the shelf life of these photos. Rest assured that they will be promptly removed once their cheering-up duties have been completed. I happen to know that you could do some serious damage in the payback department (M-U-L-L-E-T) and I am eager to steer clear of your bad list.


R-DUB said...

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say keep the cheer up pictures coming. The fantastic four must be seen. You cant control the beauty of the Miss America's you can only hope to contain it in your super dupper blog. The bloginites need some cheering and you are just the one to do it.

** said...

i have to agree with the above comment, its nice to be cheered up. thanks. this picture out-does(word?) any kind of miss-america-massacre i could have ever divised. maybe the wrestling people(wwe,wwf, whatever, i dont whatch it) would be interested in a MISS AMERICA RUMBLE!. who knows, maybe there'd be fame and fortune too!

much love sister in Christ,


Tot said...

do i have permission to post some SWEET ED Mullet action? :) sounds almost TOO tempting to resist *wink wink*

ed said...

Well it's nice to see that all I need to do to get a little feedback around here is post some humiliating photos...And NO, Tot, you do NOT have permission to post The Picture. Putting that in your hands was one of my life's greater sacrifices. Of course, since I gave it in love, you are free to do with it as you wish...but know that I have faith in your great friendship and its inability to betray. Know also that I will repay... :]

** said...

hello again. it must be that i sit on this stupid thing all the time and just wait for someone else to log in and send me a message. i was just watching some of the napoleon dvd yesterday. hahaha.

i am currently on your friend lance's site, but have not read massive amounts yet. yes we are blessed with good family aren't we. my best friend bruce brown is someone i have been deeply blessed with. he is the kinda guy who makes me want to hid in shame. i know thats not how he sees it, bless him. please see his site(s). bible studies, articles, so on.

i will pray for you today. bless you.