Monday, June 13, 2005

One Hip Family

Have you ever wondered what we would look like as Japanimation characters? I know I have.

Well, enter the Portrait Illustration Maker. It's the coolest thing since mug shots and infinitely hipper than the National Geographic Channel's Face Generator*. (It is Asian, afterall). It's worth it just to scroll over the images and read the cutely distorted English (for instance, the ever popular "baldness father" and "splashes the top primly" hairstyles). I think you may even be able to use the images as your cellphone background...but I wouldn't really know.

*Slightly more believable but not nearly as hip, I'm thinking of using this guy as my backup-plan-emergency-only-decoy-husband.


** said...

hey ed! i went and tried it. i put it up on my site. i had to go and tinker with the image in paintbrush. they should have a "massive gotee" option, but i guess only the hip cool people like myself can handle the coolness a massive gotee brings. anyways, back to reality. much love sister.

R-DUB said...

That is so cool!! You always find the coolest things. I survived my tri this last weekend. It was a really cool race. I know to many cools, but come on its just to cool of a word and your just to cool of a person not to use it. I need to carbo load this week call me if I dont call you first and we can go moew down some carbs. I hope you had a cool day today. Ok, Ok, it's time for me to cool out!

lance said...

That is sweet. I like it around 8 times better than the sketch artist one. I would like to make these for contacts in my cellphone, so their japanime face would show up when they call. You do find the sweetest fun on the net, ed.

El Padrino said...

That is great! I love the one of Lance..Where do you find these sweet things?