Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Google Talk

I put this thing at the bottom of my page. It's kind of fun to play with. You just start a sentence with three or four words and it finishes it for you. Sometimes it just goes on and on and on. I think what it does is search the words you put in and generates words to follow and then keeps removing the first word searched, etc. Actually, I'm not sure, you could probably ask cuchillo. He's the technical whiz. I just think it's funny.

I tried typing in my friends' names followed by "is" with mediocre results (Fella is a very nice guy and I have a dream that this nation will rise up and walk around the Moscow Kremlin), but my favorite use for it is as a funny fortune teller. Here goes...(my words in pink)

1. The man for me is a way of life for the elderly and disabled. The question is whether the government has a right to children.
2. My boyfriend is a twat. He is a man of his word by his spirit-the spirit of the West Indies.
3. My husband is a big fat stupid white man.

Well, have fun all. I hope your futures look as blindingly bright as mine!


lance said...

Oh wow, ed, what a time-waster! Here is what I found, I've only cleaned up punctuation, and cut them off at the best spot. My part is in bold. Enjoy:
  A good blog is a good idea, by the way.
  Lance Fisher is a member of the United States Government
  My wonderful wife is a registered nurse who has completed a minimum of hours of field experience in a school setting.
  La Falda is exactly what the instructions say.
  Kater tot is a new website for the state of the state of the state of New York state.
  Missoula, MT is a family affair.
  Moving to Montana is the only state that has a lot of potential.
  Camping for Star Wars tickets is a great way to get your name off the list.
  Knowing ed is a common, cause of headache. (sorry ed, but it gets worse)

The real fun started when I began to structure sentences like, "so-and-so smells like." We'll start with the good and then do the bad:
  Rachael smells like vanilla and chocolate ice cream.
  Cody smells like roses, and they are not the only fruit.
  Shannon smells like candy and cookies and cookie usage.
Now the bad:
  Scott smells like a party. (I wasn't sure if this was good or bad)
  Lance smells like dead fish... and a place to call home.
  Katie smells like eggs, and I think of you.
  Jess smells like teen Spirit by Nirvana. I don't know how to use the atomic bomb.
  Rocky smells like cheese. It's the end of the world's birds and their habitats in the UK.
  Peter smells like wee wee!
  Ed smells like poo. poo! poo poo poo (It got caught in a loop, I left some of the original punctuation for effect.)

And apparantly everyone likes to be a millionaire except Scott.
  Katie likes to be a millionaire.
  Shannon likes to be a millionaire.
  Ed likes to be a millionaire.
  Jess likes to be a millionaire.
  Cody likes to be a millionaire.
  Scott likes to be a good graduate student.

And for the Slovakia team:
  Going to Slovakia is like coming home.
  Going to Poland is like a return to The Moon.

And I just had to find a couple good ones for you, ed:
  Ed thinks like a King in New York.
  Being ed is like front page news.

ed said...

Wow indeed, Lance! That made my day. Thanks so much for sharing those--even if I do smell like poo. poo! poo poo poo

That's awesome.

ed said...

A few more for you Lance:

The best thing about Lance is that he is a bad man, a very bad man named Osama bin Laden.
The worst thing about Lance is that he is a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.

And for the rest of the gang:

Lance's face is off to a good start in life.
Jess' face is mushed up with the latest news.
James' face is a very nice piece of software that is not the answer.
Cody's face is red and the black death.
Katie's face is kinda cute but I don't know.
Scott's face is feeling better and better.
Rachel's face is...polluted with waste from the nuclear industry and its allies.
Peter's face is half the battle GI JOE!

Shannon and Rocky didn't produce any results so I had to use slightly different names for them:

Your wife's face is full of pain and suffering in the world.
Rocket's face is atmospheric drag which causes the sufferer to be in DC.

lance said...

I'm so glad I came back to check out the comments on this post.

I need to stop.

Ed eats hay.
Ed works with Mozilla and Firefox.
Ed walks back to the Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Jess' job is picking up Steam.
Jess works in the United States Department of State Governments to take the quiz.

Lance works in the near East.

Shannon sees the light Brigade!
Scott sees the light Brigade!
Ed sees the light Brigade!
Jess sees her as a second language.
Jamey sees a New Deal for the American Chemical Society of America.

Katie walks in beauty like the sun and moon.

Beth said...

This is great! Luke I am your Child Foundation for Life, Sciences and Biotechnology.