Monday, May 09, 2005

Photo Shoot

Day One: We will to our heart's content...road trips to little worlds found only in Montana...capturing our souls on film...making DQ runs in the pouring rain...

In just one week, our darling friend Tot will be trading the big skies of Montana for the rainy ones of Oregon. This week is officially dedicated to exploring the many reasons why we will miss her (and vice versa, we hope). This evening we went on a photo shoot to Lolo, a "suburb" of Missoula, which was somewhat appropriate since Tot and Twin each spent some time growing up there. I guess #1 Sister and I did too if you count all the time we spent playing Mad Libs, listening to the Monkees, remaking Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, giving each other miracle cure apricot face scrubs and building wilderness houses near the abandoned household appliances in the forest by Twin's house.

Here we all are looking longingly in the window of the restaurant that Twin has cleverly dubbed the China Barn. It used to be this family restaurant that always had signs like "Come in and eat. Grandkids need braces." Now it's all painted to "match" the scenery and has been converted to serve Chinese food, which is apparently pretty good. Who knew?

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