Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day?

Happy Grab-the-Nearest-Child-You-Can-Find-and-Head-to-Dairy-Queen-to-Make-Them-Believe-You're-a-Mother-and-Get-a-Free-Sundae Day!! Oops. Did I say that outloud? No, I'm only kidding, of course...a small sundae would NEVER fill me up!

But seriously kids. It is the day for honoring the people who made our lives possible, and apparently in my family this means letting them prepare a big meal for us all. Shoot, I wasn't even there and I reaped the benefits via mom's curbside delivery. (Before you go thinking I'm the worst daughter ever, can I at least say in my defense that I had to work?)

So...Mom, Grandma and mothers at large, I hope somewhere in all of this you were blessed. If not, you can always cling to the hope that, in a very distant (and in my poor mom's case, perhaps not so inevitable) someday, the ancient curse, "I hope your kids are just like you" will come true. I love you bunches!

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hi sister(in Christ). i just came across your site. i saw you liked indelible grace. now i know someone else outside my friends who has an album. i have Pilgrim Days: Indelible Grace II. anyways, enough of my geek talk. hope your well. i will add you to my favorites list. and i hope you will be so kind as to make it over to my site as well.

much love,
justin cash