Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Just Call Me Grandma

Yeah, me too. I'm in a slump--blog-wise, project-wise, life-wise...I think it may have something to do with the fact that everyone's gone. Twin, Boy (temporary), Tot, Pal (permanent--or so they think, gosh darnit) and pretty much everyone I meet, 'cause that's my job. Speaking of my job...

My last weekend shift was so so nice. I couldn't have asked for a better one. Old friends returning. New ones made. Each night I had someone wanting to stay up past midnight to chat...So I think I left that shift on a signature ed note. The first night I visited with my old friend K., a frequent house guest with her husband, P. Do you ever come across people in your life who just get you? For me, it's pretty rare. She's in her late 50's, I'm guessin', but I get her too. We have so many interests in common. I found out the next night that this is because I have the hobbies of a "grandma"...or so said the gentleman I was visiting with. When asked the dreaded "What do you do in your free time" question (second only to the dreaded "What kind of music do you like" question), I explained that I like to do homey-girly things like sew and knit. "And do crossword puzzles? You mean grandma things?" was his response. Hey, if that makes me a grandma, then that's cool. I'm only sorry I didn't get a chance at that Scrabble challenge, N. You'd be sorry you cracked wise about The Grandma.

Say, incidentally...I finished the hail-dance costume with much less drama than expected. I didn't get to try it on her one last time, though, and they are off to NJ today. If anyone is in the area, it might be the show of the century. Ripping seams, flying jewels, static cling and fling. That's what I call a hailstorm. Hopefully they will give me pictures to post.

All right. I'm out. I must make my days productive since I actually have to work at night now.

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