Friday, May 20, 2005

R-Rated Pictionary

As a general rule, I try to keep my blog G-Rated, but I just couldn't resist posting the fruits of last night's accidentally dirty pictionary game. These are two different takes on the word penthouse: mine (left) and #1 Sister's (right). After both failing to draw an actual penthouse (we don't really have any in Montana...unless maybe you count the top floors of the Wilma or Millenium Buildings), we resorted to drawing the other Penthouse. S. (cuchillo's wife) managed to get it right, thanks in no part to my drawing, and both drawings were passed around to much disturbed delight. Incidentally...everyone was creeped out by my "dirty old man" enjoying his read (to which I protested that he's not old, I just didn't have time to draw hair), but COME sister's drawing is waaay the heck sicker. SICK!


Tot said...

i dunno why but it's just absolutely hilariously awesome to me when you say "sick" or "sicko" :) Bosom!

ed said...

SICK! Sicko. And that's not funny. I'm gonna find something that grosses you out...maybe Oven Mitt's girlfriend with big voluptuous lips. SSSICK!